4 Maj 2018 – 7 till 8 Jingshan park (Jingshan Gongyuan) ★

Smet in för en liten morgonrunda. Sannas tele fortfarande:)
Pionerna har börjat ta sig och rätt mycket folk.


“Peonies have bloomed in Jingshan Park for centuries. During the culture festival, which this year lasts from April 15 to mid-May, visitors can adopt peonies and look after the flowers.
A total of 20,000 peony flowers of over 550 varieties are showcased at the 20th Jingshan Peony Culture Festival. Flowers on display include newly-imported green peonies “the Wizard of Oz”, and rare black peonies “green dragon in ink pond” that have bloomed for over 100 years. Known as the “king of flowers” in China, the peony symbolizes opulence, beauty and honor in Chinese culture”