12 Mars 2018 – Beiluogu Xiang (北锣鼓巷) ★

Beiluoguxiang ligger (givetvis) precis tvärs över gatan från värsta shoppingstråket Nanluoguxiang. Skitmysig hutong med betydligt mindre folk. Diverse butiker, matställen och rimligt bra fika. Eller bara en riktigt najs promenad.
En liten titt in hos Du som vanligt, sen tänkte jag ta bussen hem men gick istället. På Gulou Xi sprang på en kille som visade (sålde?) egen uppfödda duvor till några intresserade.
Duvor ät en big deal i Beijing:)) Massor med duvhus på taken i hutongerna och dom är ju ute och flaxar hela dagarna så duvor man ser i parkerna tex är inte exakt som våra standardduvor. Massor med olika varianter. Dom här hade riktigt fin teckning tycker jag.

“Beiluoguxiang belonged to Bordered Yellow Banner in Qing Dynasty, whose name came from the Luoguoxiang or Luoguxiang. Alternatively, there were many vendors sold gongs and drums (luogu) and located in the north of Gulou East Street, hence the name. The name was continued to use after the Republic of China. During the period of the Great Cultural Revolution, it was renamed Zanjun Street, but then resumed its former name. Now, there are some units such as branch of Andingmen Hospital in the hutong, others are residential buildings.”

“Beijing still has hundreds of thousands of pigeon keepers, estimated to own as many as one million of the birds, according to a local Beijing newspaper. It is a common sight in Beijing to see flocks of homing pigeons fly past the city’s skyscrapers and return to the whistling of their owners. People breed the birds not only for fun, but sometimes also for lucrative returns (link in Chinese): Pigeons that win awards in racing competitions can bring their owners rewards in the tens of millions yuan (millions of dollars).”
– Quarz September 16, 2019

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